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The bustling island nation is home to many world-class schools and universities, making it a top destination for international students of all ages and levels. Partner this with a safe, multicultural environment, and it’s no wonder many parents have set their eyes on Singapore for their children’s education. 

WHY STUDY IN Singapore

Reasons to study abroad in Singapore abound! When asking yourself (or when others ask you) “why study in Singapore?” you’ll surely be comparing it with traditional study abroad destinations like Europe. Southeast Asia offers a study destination that’s far away and unique.


Study abroad experiences in Singapore offer an incredible location combined with immersion in a unique culture of Southeast Asia. Not only will you find Singapore a diverse, international place, you’ll have easy access to other destinations like Malaysia, Thailand, Bali, Cambodia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Snorkeling colorful reefs, visiting white sand beaches, and shopping in floating villages are just a few things you can expect to experience in and around Singapore.

2.The importance and quality of education

Singapore places a very high value on education and makes it affordable and attainable. Its universities and secondary schools have acquired international accreditations. International students are welcome and a vital part of the country’s economy. Educational excellence is a top priority for the country, and the rest of the world is taking notice.


While some things can be pricey, Singapore is an affordable destination for those studying abroad. If you track your expenses and take advantage of public services, you can live in Singapore relatively cheaply.

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