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At nspire, we make your education our mission.

Nspire encourages applications from international students from around the world.

Currently, the Nspire student body consists of more than 25 nationalities which helps to create its unique diverse and dynamic learning environment reflective of the industry sectors taught.

Live, learn and thrive in the heart of a world-leading tourism destination, which is also one of the world’s safest cities.

The city is even more student friendly thanks to recent legislative changes that offer extended study and post-graduation visas in addition to the regular one-year renewable student visa.


Studying in Dubai allows students to meet people from hundreds of nationalities. The city provides a stunning off-campus life because of its universal model. There are numerous outdoor activities that students can enjoy including parachuting, dune bashing, quad biking, trekking, hiking, water sports, etc

1. Well-known Universities

Dubai is home to some of the Middle East’s best universities which include among the top 500 according to the Global QS ranking. Three universities in Dubai ranked in the top 50 in the Middle East. The university’s programs undergo regular reviews by the UAE ministry of education as well as international accreditation bodies to ensure students get the best education.

2. Employment Opportunities

Dubai ranks among the best economies globally. With the increase in trade and tourism, socio-economic development and growth are considerable. So, students get employment opportunities to have a job after completing their studies.

It’s not surprising that Dubai is home to some of the world’s best companies, including Microsoft, Oracle, and HP. Studying in Dubai will be worthwhile to build a lifetime career.

3. Diverse Culture

Dubai has a diverse culture with different ethnicities, cultures, and nationalities. Thus, it becomes a universal city and everyone, including students, has opportunities to make the most of their lives.

Dubai is a perfect example of a global village with citizens from more than 90 nationalities. Different ethnicities, cultures, and nationalities have transformed Dubai into a universal city and everyone, including students, has opportunities to make the most of their lives. Multiculturalism in Dubai makes it easier for students to meet new people and make friends.

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