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 Why limit yourself to choosing from courses available in your country when you could have your pick from anywhere in the world? Whether it’s to receive top-quality education, explore new career opportunities or experience a new culture, the fact is this: more students are crossing borders to get the education of their dreams than ever before. Studying abroad is a global phenomenon and here are the most popular courses:


An international MBA is a quite sought-after degree and for good reason. By pursuing an MBA abroad, you are introduced to a network of professionals and like-minded students and professors. You get equipped with cross-cultural communication skills and an exposure to different cultures, which gives you an upper-hand when seeking jobs. A degree from a world-renowned university is also bound to help you get high-paying corporate jobs or help you establish a business of your own.

Computer science and Artificial Intelligence

Since the world is becoming increasingly more digitised, computer science is a highly lucrative industry. Especially with Artificial Intelligence (AI) taking the world by storm, the demand for professionals in the field is through the roof.  Foreign universities provide world-class infrastructure with well-equipped research-centres and state-of the-art technology. Computer science, being a field that involves collaborations across the world, is best studied abroad as you can develop the skills necessary to thrive in a globalized environment. Looking beyond borders also allows you to choose from a wide range of universities that pour a big chunk of their budget into technology.


While there’s no lack of Engineering institutions in India, there’s no denying that studying the course abroad has its benefits. Engineering, being a profession that deals with a lot of out-of-the-box thinking, requires honed problem-solving skills and studying abroad would certainly improve your innovative and critical thinking. Moreover, engineering is quite a broad subject and foreign universities offer a wider range of programmes than India, thus enabling you to choose the specific programme you fancy.

Digital media

Digital media has become irrevocably intertwined with our everyday lives and professionals in this industry are in demand. Studying this course abroad would allow you to be a part of the global digital revolution and give you a fresh perspective on media. Experiencing the beauty of different cultures and seeing how other countries approach digital media will set you apart from the crowd. Moreover, digital media is a course that requires quite a bit of creative spontaneity, and nothing gets those creative juices flowing quite like being in a foreign country and interacting with a diverse group of creators.

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