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Since 2004, people like you trusted us with their abroad education decisions. Starting with the university and the best course for you – we go that extra-mile to make sure your journey is seamless; including your application, visa, forex, ticketing, dos and dont’s, accommodation, post-landing formalities and more. Over 35,000 dreams conquered and counting.

Career Counselling

Often times when making life-changing decisions such as those pertaining to one’s education and career, people tend to be indecisive, fickle, or just woefully misinformed. This is where the option to seek career counselling from Nspire comes in handy. We help you sift through your options by assessing your skills, interests and preferences while simultaneously equipping you with some much-needed decision making skills for the future. Our experts provide assistance in figuring out what’s right for you personally and professionally, and determining the course of action needed to get you where you want to be.

Accommodation Assistance

When considering studying abroad, the question of where you’ll be staying is bound to loom large. Since your choice of residence will shape your experiences, routine and lifestyle, determine the level of exposure you get and significantly affect your academic success, it’s a decision that requires some guidance. While there’s always a plethora of housing options available, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when choosing between homestays, dormitories, private apartments or student rental halls. We at Nspire promise to help you navigate the waters of student accommodation until we find a space that ticks all your boxes and makes you feel right at home in a new country.

Visa Guidance:

Once you’ve been accepted into a university, it’s imperative to get started on the visa application. The process might seem like a daunting and tedious, but with Nspire supervision in every step of the way, it is anything but. Not only will your application form and financial documents be taken care of, you will also be thoroughly prepped for the visa interviews by our counsellors by way of coaching and subsequently conducting mock interviews.

Scholarship Information

Studying abroad can be expensive, since the tuition fees, living expenses and the cost of travel can add up to a pretty large amount. Scholarships and student loans prove to be quite useful in lessening this financial burden and we are happy to equip you with information regarding the same. There are a multitude of scholarships up for grabs and our team of counsellors will prepare and steer you towards finding and bagging the right one for you.

Part-time work

While it’s an established fact that studying abroad does require a hefty budget, you don’t necessarily have to squander all your savings on it.  We’ll tell you everything you need to know about part-time jobs: where to look for them, what skills you need to have, and how much you could potentially earn. Not only can you support yourself to a considerable extent by picking up a part-time job, it also adds some weight to your CV if your work is relevant to the education you’re pursuing.

Internship Assistance

Nothing prepares you better for the job market than an internship, so you might want to get one during your time abroad. Once you’ve settled into your college life abroad, we at Nspire will connect you with companies that would provide real-world experience, help grow your global network and dazzle up your resume. Our assistance throughout the process, right from creating the application to prepping you for the interview, would make the whole affair a lot less taxing and you’ll have one less thing to fret about when already swamped with college work.

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