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In a world where students know their goals and aren’t afraid to pursue them, studying abroad has become the norm. However, the desire to cross borders to acquire world-class education comes with too many strings attached and the whole process can seem quite tedious. This is where we step in and take the reins.  We at Nspire offer comprehensive assistance throughout the process of your pursuit of the education of your dreams. We are a competent team of education consultants with over ten years of experience and we promise to be there with you every step of the way, right from helping you find the perfect programme for you to acquainting you with prospective employers abroad. We are fully committed to our students’ aspirations and promise to guide you with your best interests at heart.


Popular courses to study Abroad

Why limit yourself to choosing from courses available in your country when you could have your pick from anywhere in the world? Whether it’s to receive top-quality education, explore new career opportunities or experience a new culture, the fact is this: more students are crossing borders to get the education of their dreams than ever before. Studying abroad is a global phenomenon and here are the most popular courses:


By pursuing an MBA abroad, you are introduced to a network of professionals and like-minded students and professors.
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While there’s no lack of Engineering institutions in India, there’s no denying that studying the course abroad has its benefits.
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Studying architecture abroad could give you a unique perspective on the structures around the world
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Digital Media

Studying this course abroad would allow you to be a part of the global digital revolution and give you a fresh perspective on media.
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Computer science and AI

Looking beyond borders also allows you to choose from a wide range of universities that pour a big chunk of their budget into technology.
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Who We Are

We do more than help you get an education abroad. We dig deep to understand your goals, figure out where you’d thrive and subsequently provide insightful solutions. When you turn to Nspire for assistance, you can rest assured that your educational dreams are in capable hands. Our policy is to leave no stone unturned. We do everything in our power to get you into top-ranking universities, and do so without breaking the bank. We help you bag scholarships, part-time jobs and even build an exemplary career abroad if you so desire. Ultimately, it’s the accomplishments of our students that validate our work. Nothing’s more fulfilling than witnessing your successful pursuit of first-class education in an exciting, new country. By ascertaining where you excel and honing your skills to the best of our abilities, we promise an amazing beginning to your ideal future.

Study Destinations

We have quality partners in variety of destinations around the globe.


The United Kingdom, a land bursting with art and culture and filled with breath-takingly beautiful scenery, is the most sought-after place for students pursuing an education abroad. With a rich legacy of renowned institutions like University of Oxford, it’s a global leader in education. Here are some reasons why you should seriously consider studying abroad in the UK:

1) Globally recognised Education:

Universities in the United Kingdom are known for having the best academic standards in the world and the qualifications they offer are internationally recognised. Their education system also values practical learning over textbook-based learning, which really gives the students an upper-hand in their careers.

2) Wider choice:

Several institutions in the UK allow their students to take up work placements instead of a part of their programme. This provides the students on-the-job training experience and allows them to gain proficiency in their respective fields.

3) Shorter duration of course:

Courses in the UK are shorter than most other countries- undergraduate courses are 3 years-long and post-graduate courses last only a year. This saves time and helps in cutting down on the cost of the degree by way of reduced tuition fees and living costs.

4) Free healthcare for students:

All international students studying in the UK have access to free healthcare through the NHS, to avail which they only need to pay a small surcharge.

5) Earn and Learn:

International students are allowed to work part-time for up to 20 hours a week during the semester and full-time during summer and winter break. Not only will this help cover the living costs, it will also allow you to gain work experience if you work in your own field of study.

6) Multicultural society:

The United Kingdom is one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse places in the world, making it a safe and stable environment for international students. You’d also have the opportunity to interact with a multicultural group of people and broaden your social network.

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